Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Washington DC

The last stop on our week away was Washington DC. I had been there once before when I was 14 - Not much has changed! :) The monuments were still mind boggling. We didn't get to see all of them - with just one short weekend! We have a great excuse to go back - our good Friends Peter and Marissa now live close by - in Virginia.
Friday night Lambros had to get to the airport so after we checked in - he showed us where the closest metro entrance was and we were on our way!Does this photo look familiar? In 1981 there was an attempt to assassinate President Reagan. This is where it took place. While we were checking in, Lambros made the connection!The view from our room.There were a lot of great homes on our walk to and from the metro - here are a few photos.You can see the concrete wall around the Metro entrance and the neat house in the background.Our way into the Metro - Steep, Steep decline - felt like we were going into the belly of the earth! LOLLooking back up! The Washington Monument - We took lots of photos of it throughout our trip - this was our first sighting of it on this trip. (And my favorite photo!)
Jeff with the Capital in the background.
The sun was shining - The building was brilliant.
"The Castle" also known as the information center for all the Smithsonian museums.
See the Man in the Red Shirt??? :)
Now he's wearing white!
We met up with Peter and Marissa Saturday - We went through the "SPY" museum - It had lots of relics used back in the day - lots of history - obviously nothing new! The lady at the entrance told us it would take 2 hours. The museum looked small from the outside. We were thinking, "yea right - it probably takes an hour!". It took the four of us 3 hours and we skipped a lot of "history boards" with lots of reading we can do on Wikipedia! :)Taken at dinner on Saturday night.The US Treasury Ol' Friends
The White House - Front and Back
UsThem :) Dwight D. Eisenhower Executive Office Building My fascination of NY was Clocks - In DC it was lights ;) Washington Memorial at Night - Notice the discoloration - there is a reason for this - it isn't just the lights. Click on the link at the beginning of this paragraph and you'll find out more about this great monument. Back in 94' I got to go to the top of this monument - a moment I haven't forgotten. It was a hazy day but we could see enough to be amazed at how high we were! The long wait in line was quickly forgotten!
On our way home from hanging out with Peter and Marissa all day Sunday (of which neither of us took photos except for the dinner shots) Jeff wanted to drive up Embassy Row. Rightly named for all the Embassies lining the road. As we got to the top we noticed a HUGE church.It is the "National Cathedral". (Click on the link to learn the history!)
Tall man at an even taller door!

It was difficult with my camera to capture it at night.
Jeff outside the Russian Embassy - He wanted this picture after having been to the SPY museum.
Us at the gates to Arlington National Cemetery - The last time I was here it was very green - this time it was very brown in spots and there were signs all over saying they are doing "sod restoration". It was still overwhelming to see all the white head stones over hill and valley.
We hadn't had breakfast - so we stopped for lunch to go. We found out we couldn't eat on the Metro - so we ate very respectfully - chewing with our mouth closed - disposing of our trash in a garbage bin - at the cemetery.
I don't remember who was buried here - we were all fascinated with the concrete draped flag. The Eternal flame at the Kennedy burial sight.
A view from the Arlington House which is being restored. We were able to walk through the house. All furniture and artifacts had been removed. A grand house in its day!
The changing of the Guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. This is something I told J we had to see. I remember seeing it 14 years ago. A very proper proceeding.
This is the stage of the amphitheater behind the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
The ceiling

Thanks to Marissa - She remembered who this statue is of (click on his name to read about him): Sir John Dill
Located at the entrance to the Cemetary
After we left the cemetary we had a Loooooooooooooooong walk back to the monuments. As we crossed over the Theodore Roosevelt Bridge we saw the "National Cathedral". I think this picture acurately shows how enormous this Cathedral really is.
Lincoln Memorial. It was a long hot walk so J took the pictures and I got us some frozen lemonade!

Washington Memorial...again...this pool is the "Reflecting Pool" At one end (behind Jeff taking this photo) is the Lincoln Memorial and at the far end (below the Washington Monument) is the World War II Memorial.
Vietnam Memorial
World War II Memorial - It is rather grand - photos don't do it justice. In the middle is a fountain and it has a column for each state around the outside edge.
The Washington Monument during the day - Notice the flags at the bottom?
Jeff - Ready to get back home! - We got upgraded to First Class - WOOOOWHOOOO :) We hope to go back to visit Peter and Marissa - and to see the rest of the sights! DC is an easy city to see on foot. The Metro is great for getting around. The amount of History is overwhelming. I rate it above NY!
PS - Thanks Peter and Marissa for some of the photos posted above!


MrsRitzB said...

Hi! Great pics & interesting post! :) That statue in Arlington Cemetery of the man on the horse is Sir John Dill. Info about him here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Dill
Thanks for coming!!!

Marla said...

What a great time - We LOVED the spy museum when we went thru it. Makes ya think.
Fun to see Peter in these pics. Haven't seen him since his AK days.