Thursday, September 4, 2008

First Anniversary Get-Away

We can't believe it has been a year since we got married!!! It has gone by so fast. We have wonderful memories. We were talking about what to do for our anniversary weekend and about 2 weeks ago - Jeff said, "I'll take care of it." The only hint I got was when he told me what to pack: a hat, sunscreen, jeans, boots, a good book, beach towels, and shorts. I still didn't know where we were going until we arrived at Silver Spur Guest Ranch at 12:30AM Friday morning.The front of the "main" house. It had an office, big dining room and big family/game room, long front porch, bathrooms, vending machine and guestrooms. We stayed in a cabin.Family/Game RoomGame end :) We played a few games of pool - I didn't do to bad!Dining Room - Where we met Isaac and Ashlie and Rich and Sandy. Isaac and Ashlie had just gotten engaged two days before. They are getting married in October before Isaac deploys to Iraq. Rich and Sandy are retired from the army. Rich was a Chaplain. He had very sound advice for Isaac and Ashley - The most important he said - was to be individually closer to God. The closer they got to God the closer they would be as a couple. He also suggested they read the same books and discuss them via e-mail while Isaac is deployed. Jeff and I have sure enjoyed reading together and discussing the material - whether it be our bibles or books. He even suggested to them, the first book we read together: "The Five Love Languages" by Gary Chapman. Our cabin - It contained this bed, twin bunk beds, a twin bed and a bathroom.
View from our front porch to the bonfire area and main parking lot.
The cabins across from us. On the right side where the dark ground meets the light is about where the rattle snake was killed (photos below) - about 20 feet from our front porch! Yikes :)
A view of the corrals from our front porch. The junior Olympic size pool we enjoyed a few times.
Our curious little friends.

In the corral headed out on our first trail ride. Ashlie in front of Jeff - Dave walking away in background.
Watering the horses when we made it back.
The trail was very very very rocky - this isn't even close. We went up rock slopes and ledges of rocks where the horse had to step up a good 2 feet! We went through gullies where our horses just fit through and we had to lift our feet so they wouldn't drag. Of course I didn't get any photos of the "rocky" part - I was holding on and no way was I letting go!!!! Needless to say - when I rode Betsy back in the day - I never took her to places like this!
Out in the cow field - visiting the long horns (photos below) Isaac in back.
Ashlie was thoroughly embarrassed when she knocked over the cups - everyone clapped :)

We had a "cowboy" breakfast Saturday morning. We rode down in the hay wagon and rode back on horses after breakfast. Right after breakfast this gentleman - who has performed for the Queen! - gave us a show. I've never seen a rope used the way he handled it. He could rope him and his horse -keeping the rope rotating around them all the way to the ground and back up into the air! He could do tricks like some do with yoyo's - he walked the rope over his back - he roped the kids with his back turned - he roped himself and jumped out of the rope all while standing on the saddle! So many tricks - and no words to describe it! His horse was very patient :)
Jeff trying his roping skills! He got preeetty good :) He even roped me a few times! While i was running from him!!!
Were'd them thar' cows go with the long horns???Isaac - "I found one - lets pet em' " - The guys told us this longhorn was tame - Isaac was feeling brave!!! Until the cow stomped his hooves, snorted and tossed his horns - we got outa' the way - he didn't charge - he just wanted some room!

The longhorns are closer than they appear!!
This gal, holding the rattlesnake, actually "wrestled" it and held it while they cut the head off! Talk about some tough cowgirls. She had been kicked the day before by one of the horses - not ones we were riding - or so we were told :)

The rattlesnake being gutted.
Skin and meat. A guest at the ranch wanted the meat. The gal who wrestled it got the skin and head, and the person who found the snake got the rattle.
The mouth has dirt in it - but this was taken to show the fangs. Two in one side!
On Sunday before we all left - Ashlie and Isaac wanted photos - these are the ones they took of us! They even got us being silly - imagine that!

Look where he's headed :) His birthday is coming up :) :P
The four of us. An old' married couple and newlyweds to be!
Self portrait. The ranch gate - "Ya'all Come Back"
Jeffrey brought me roses and a card for our Anniversary Sunday night when we got home.Eating cake - from our wedding - actually isn't to bad! Hats off to "Tupperware"!
I got a little carried away taking photos of the flowers he brought me. They are beautiful and smell delicious!
To Another Year of Us!


MrsRitzB said...

To another year of you two! How sweet & original of Jeff - looks like a fun place to go!

Marla said...

Happy Anniversary! Looks like a fun time (you did good Jeff). And I can't believe your cake made it one year - ours lasted one month. But then again, I married Mr. Desserts.

3boys'mom said...

Congrats! Sounds like you had a great time! Here's wishing you many more happy years!