Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Jeff had to go to NJ to do some audits and he asked me to go with! Here are a "few" photos from my excursion into NY.
Our first sighting of NY - from the planeJeff and Lambros on the tram to get the rental car.Evidence that he has had his name in lights!

The train waiting area. I had a 40 minute ride to get into downtown NY Penn Station.Looking down the tracks - When I got to NY I walked to Times Square and hopped a tour bus - Greyline for a "downtown" tour.A portion of Times Square - Signs Everywhere!! The USA's largest Post Office - Open 24 hours a day 365 days a year. The busiest day being....Yep - April 15th
Looking across the river at Brooklyn
I was fascinated by the clocks around town.And the architecture!This is the Original Macy's! You can't see it in this photo (check out the photo album) but the sign (under the arched window) still shows the Macy's lettering up close. I did go into the Macy's closer to Penn Station - It was busy and I had no desire to see everything! So I just did a quick walk through. The worlds largest needle and button.
We visited the Twin Tower sight. This is the only reminder of September 11th that we could find. A block or so away was a fence that still had letters from children for the children who died.

A typical sight during our week away - Lambros checking his Blackberry for directions! It was even more accurate than the "always-lost"; the name given to the never lost system in the rental car. The Naked Cowgirl in Times Square - No Naked Cowboy to be seen - he was there as I rode past on the tour bus earlier in the day. There was quite a crowd around including a news crew interviewing her.We walked through China Town then Lambros took us to "Little Italy" for dinner - It was incredibly delicious!!! Sorry I don't remember the name :(Then we went to a bakery and got snacks for our train ride back to NJ. A hot car :)

This is how they park some cars in NY !!
Well - I spent one day in NY - and I don't feel that I have to go back but I definitely would go if there was an opportunity! I didn't get to see the Statue of Liberty up close - that would be one reason for going back.

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