Monday, August 4, 2008

Lake Charles, LA

On Tuesday the 29th we took off for Lake Charles, LA. Jeff was invited to tour a ship used for responding to oil spills in the Gulf.A huge bridge that seems to be overkill - but gave us a great view of our accommodations.La Burge de lac - A casino/hotel/5 restaurant/spa/pool extravaganza! It is the cream building with the gold tip on top. To the left of it is the casino - it appears to be very short - but up close (as you will see below is 2 story's tall!) the hotel/restaurants make a U around the pool. The far side that you can't see here is the grand entrance. The cool boat J got to tour.

The Grand entrance
Our hotel room had signs to post to keep visitors away - they were absolutely hilarious! 6 options.Our room was on the 23rd floor - the absolute top floor! - J looking at our fabulous view. You might notice the curved object outside the window just above J's head - You will see it in the last photo below - of the tower. The bridge we crossed.
The pool! The top left pool is 21 and older - no exceptions. At the bottom right is the "lazy river bar" - the round roof. Both round roofs were bars and the rectangle roofs were over the bathroom. The tent was set up for the huge pool party the next day. There were also several steps by the pool and lazy river where lounge chairs were in about 4" of water. I believe the orange cabanas rent for about $300/day. The bridges were pretty cool addition to the atmosphere. Palms and flowering tropical plants and lots of green. I thought the parking lot with huge touring buses gave a good size indicators of the pool area. Our bathroom
The docks outside the casino.
The casino - some law requires that casinos are on boats. This appears to be a barge floating in water contained by land on three sides and a metal dam on the fourth. The metal dam is right under the walkway you see in this photo. The water height varies from one side of the walkway to the other - very intriguing.
More photos of the pool - the "lazy river bar". The pool was abandoned. We had lightning and thunder in the area. Once it went away everyone came back. They let us lay around the pool - just not in it. I believe it was in the upper 80's the entire day.
Pool/bridges/hot tubs :) My view all day!!!!
We were in the top left corner! I hated to leave and come home - but alas - J had to be back in the office the next morning. To avoid traffic I made J sit with me by the pool for an hour :)!

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DoRe' said...

Marissa!!! Of course I remember you!

Honestly, when I initially read your comment, I thought, "Uh-oh...I don't remember meeting a Marissa at Olympia this year..." but you're always the first Marissa that pops into my head when I hear the name, so I was tickled to "comb" through your fantastic blog, and confirm that it IS you!

How are you? I didn't realize you were in TX--what takes you down that way? By the way, fantastic pictures of everywhere. :) And, I'm sure you did meet at least part of my family--they're all there! Well, except for one of my brothers, who lives in Bremerton now. :)

Okay, well, my girls have officially started eating dinner without me--that's so bad! :( So great to hear from you; keep in touch!