Friday, September 12, 2008

August 5th

This last weekend (Aug 5-7th) we teensat! Blake's parents had to be out of town for the weekend. His Mom went to a funeral and his Dad was stuck in Tulsa. So we gladly kept him! Friday night we had plans for dinner with Trey and Kasia and Bryndan and Karla at Fudruckers. We got there a little early so we hung out at Bass Pro.

That is a large fish tank in the back ground!!!
Stuffed critters all over the store.
Bryndan on his new cell.
Blake trying to hide from the camera.
Gotch ya!Just in case.....
Fudruckers here we come.......
OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! I knew he had a big mouth and a large appetite - he ate the whole thing!
Is he ALWAYS on that thing??? :) JK
Blakesters after a hamburger
Trey and Kasia - next time I'll give you more warning!
Finally - A photo of Bryndan and Karla with out the cell phone!
We were at Fudruckers till after they closed!!! So many laughs and good conversation - Thanks Friends :)

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