Saturday, September 18, 2010

Wow Time Flies!

I can't believe my last post was in July! So much has been going on since then.
I have been working full time for a company since May and several weeks ago I started working from home; the commute had been awful. Not as bad as some I have heard, but it felt like every time I went to work or headed home, I was in "near" accidents. I love Texas and it gives me hope that our Country won't go down the drain, but drivers here in Houston can be clueless and reckless. They don't give drivers from other states/countries tests; they just take away their out-of-state license and issue them a TX license. As a result, we have people who are using all different "rules" from wherever they came from! Rarely do people know how to transverse a 4-way intersection, let alone merge when exiting or entering a freeway. Every man for himself- watch out when you come to visit! Needless to say, I sure have enjoyed working from home. It has allowed me more time with Lola and to work on other projects.
Jeff is still working crazy days. His latest schedule is 8 days on 4 days off. This means he is exhausted by day 8 and isn't too crazy to do projects on his 4 recoup days...I must say he does a lot more on those days than I would! He is trying hard to get work done on the Mustang because he realizes come January he won't have much extra time on his hands.
Baby Spice is growing and we are getting more and more excited to meet her. We had a second ultrasound to confirm that we do have a girl on the way. We like to be prepared and knowing if we have a boy or girl on the way helps. I of course have been buying stuff to get ready :) and having fun expanding a baby registry. Oh the things one can find for baby! :) I did quite a bit of bargain shopping - looking for coupons and finding some used stuff. I will try and post a few photos. Baby Spice is still slated for arrival January 19th but she will come when she is ready!
With getting ready for baby and Jeffrey's schedule, we still have a lot to squeeze in before the end of November (when I shouldn't travel far). We have convention, a training trip for Jeffrey to Ft. Lauderdale, a possible trip to CA and WA, Birthing from Within class, sorting and eliminating house stuff, neighborhood garage sale (to make room for baby :P ), and of course other odds and end projects. Feel free to come and visit- we just might put you to work…just kidding :)

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