Monday, July 19, 2010

We are so excited for this little one! We've already done so much researching and decision making. And to think it is only the begining! One of my good friends teases by saying, "You'd better make a decision right now on the crib. You only have 7 months before you'll need it". LOL

Besides cribs, high chairs, bouncers, pak-n-plays, names and colleges we've had some bigger decisions to make. I have a fabulous OBGYN but after chatting with her and a couple friends that have given birth we were concerned. We weren't concerned about receiving adequate care but feeling we wouldn't receive the one on one care we would like during the labor proceess. After much prayer, research, thought and discussion Jeff and I have decided to go with a birthing center. Nativiti Women's Health and Birth Center

Today I had my first appointment. It was a 2 hour appointment where as the first appointment with my OBGYN took 5 maybe 10 minutes. Most of my questions were answered with out me having to ask them. The Birth Center has 3 nurse midwives. I will meet with each of them over the next 7 months. The one I chatted with today is a new mother herself and she gave birth at the Center just 2 months ago. Among all the information, answers, literature, suggestions there was excitement worth sharing.....I got to hear Baby Spice's heart beat again!!!!! Jeff and I have a feeling we are having a ___________. Oops - I forgot - we are keeping that a secret till next month! :)

My next appointment is August 16th and we may get to see if Baby Spice is a boy or girl if he/she cooperates. Until my next appointment we are assuming the original due date. January 22, 2011

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