Thursday, April 15, 2010

In search of the Blue Bonnet

Last weekend Jeff and I decided to go on a little excursion. We hit the road to Brenham.
Lola heard us talking and packed her bags. Her she is ready to hit the road.
All settled in. This is what you call "traveling in style"!See - We do have rolling hills in TX and not just tumbleweeds.Jeff and I stopped at a highly recommended Deli in a little town outside of Brenham. Only in little towns can you park out back and see this.We stopped at Blue Bell for a scoop of ice cream. They had some beautiful flowers out front.A field of beauty. The boy that lived on this property saw me taking photos. He hopped on his bike and rode out to say hi and right through the middle of the flowers down to the lake. Those who arrived right behind us had a little boy in their photos :) Our lil' Girl :) Ain't she beautiful?! :)
For some reason this picture wouldn't load correctly. I couldn't post about Blue Bonnets and not post this photo.On our way back we stopped at a Lavender Farm. We had a wonderful day trip. The countryside was green, the flowers were beautiful and it was nice to get out of the house! Come visit and you can see for yourselves that we have more than tumbleweeds, hurricanes and cowboys!

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