Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Relatives Moving to Houston!!!!

First Things First :)
Congratulations Jesse on Graduating with your MASTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeff's sister and her family came to visit two weeks ago today! They came for only three days and the focus of the visit was to scope out Houston and look for jobs. Well, Jenni has a job and it looks like they will be down here by the 15th of next month!
Can you believe I didn't even get a photo of them all while they were here? We were going all day and by the evening we were all exhausted. All their hard work and planning paid off! It will be a busy month for Jesse and Jenni.....packing and moving two little kids and two dogs across 1,500 miles! They will be here just in time for hottest and most humid of our weather.
Welcome to Texas!

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