Saturday, April 11, 2009

Nikki Comes to Visit!

My very good friend Nikki from Washington came to visit for a couple days. We had a great action packed 3 days. Nikki and me in the kitchen. We had some ladies over for a semi-healthy potluck lunch. It was so much fun to be able to introduce Nikki to all my new friends here.

Jill and KarlaBronson


Jill and Zoey

Shar and Theresa

Jenny and Patty

On Saturday Jeff, myself and Nikki headed to NASA.
We took a tram tour that took an hour.

We were able to see where the astronauts train! This little car looks like a ton of fun!

Jeff and a full scale model of the shuttle.

Nikki and full scale model of the space station.

Space Suit

Nikki and me on the tram. We had about 4 hours at NASA and it just wasn't enough. We'll finish the tour next time Nikki :)
Sunday we had a great day. Went to meeting at Nikki's cousin' (Traci) and stayed all day!!!! On Monday I had to take Nik to the airport super early...I was so sad she couldn't stay longer. I keep telling her all she missed so she feels like she must come again!

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