Saturday, April 18, 2009

I Got the Baking Bug!

I finally understand the "Craft" room concept! I use to see rooms completely dedicated to one craft. Now I'd like a CRAFT room. In it would be a kitchen with all the baking gadgets, a section for sewing, a place for arranging flowers, and a place to paint. I am sure there will be a few other crafty things to add to that room. Just don't tell my husband - he may hide the check book before I do some serious damage :)Before I started on my second cake I splurged with a 40% off coupon and purchased a tilting/turn table.It was very helpful when frosting the cake. Here it is! My second cake before I started to decorate it. To transport the cake a very high tech gadget was needed! A $4 container with a handle. WALMART :) for all your cooking needs!
For our second class we learned how to make roses and do gel transfers. This is Jill and her first rose.
Me and my first rose.
The First Rose
I must say so myself, "not too bad for a first attempt."

The finished cake. It definitely tasted better than it looked. I will have to work on "tinting". The water was the last color I attempted and definitely the best. When I put the tinted frosting into the parchment paper bag, it had white frosting left over on the inside as well as the turquoise color. This is what created the multi-colored water!

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