Friday, September 26, 2008

Out and about - After the Storm

I was antsy - So Jeff took me for a drive around town. A lot of cleaning up had already been done. Here are a few photos of the havoc.
Jeff tells me this sign is typical for LA but it isn't for here. This sign was full of signs. Not any more! Check out the sign in the background. Not a sign missing!
Check out the traffic camera above the light! Normally sitting proud and tall waiting to catch red light runners.
I was very sad to see some of my favorite crape myrtle trees blown sideways. They have straightened them since this photo and staked them. I hope they survive.
We saw a lot of fences knocked over. Some neighborhoods backing main roads lost whole blocks of fences! (Sorry no photos)
The sign laying on the ground use to be hanging showing all their movies. We've heard this is a good clean place to watch a movie and eat dinner at the same time.

Jeff and I pulled over to take these photos. Can you see the two "light" spots? Weird?!
LA came to Houston to help out!!
A stop at Target - WOW empty shelves. They tossed all the contents.

Fruit and veggie isle cleaned out.
Not much peanut butter left.
No fruits
or veggies :(
I counted 14 utility trucks headed in to help out the nearly 2 million without power.
A local high schools football/track equipment shack.
Debris waiting to be hauled off.
We were both surprised how fast things were cleared and put back to normal. A lot of signs were quickly fixed, debris put out at the curb, fences put up, roofs repaired, buildings cleared that had collapsed. There was a house being constructed a couple blocks from us that had the first floor collapse. It was a two story - became a one story with no front door or garage. By a week later it was completely dismantled and they were working on rebuilding it.

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J K L M N O P said...

Thanks for sharing with us! Glad you made it fine and think of everyone who it wasn't so pleasant for. (Bernice F is my aunt and Loren Q is Jay's cousin.)