Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Insulating Craze

At Long Last :) The shelves are finally in Houston and in the hutch :) YEAAAAAAAA - Thanks Ed! And thanks for being adventuresome with us! We went to the original Ninfa's (1978). It isn't in the best part of town - we've never been there before...we were seeing lots of abandoned buildings and began wondering... when we spotted the little restaurant were we had reservations - Ninfa's - Wow!!! Incredible Food and service And better company :) My Man - Insulating the garage doors in hope that we can keep the humidty/heat out and get the car moved home! :) He's cleaning the doors for adhesive strips and then the insulation that has to be cut precisly - its lookn' good :)
Maybe the fumes are getting him "happy" :) - or maybe its the excitement of getting his car home....
Ok- here is a full view of the front of our house - I thought I had posted enough photos but was informed otherwise.

View of the back of the house (before we planted patio pots) View down our street-
View the other direction-
Well - I think I am caught up now - I'll have more to post next week! Hey - let me know if there are any other photos you want to see :) Ie. our HUGE HEB (grocery store) or the alligators in the pond right down the road :) But beware - the best views are in person - so come visit!

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Demon Cake said...

The guy inhaling the fumes shows the early symptoms of henpecking.