Thursday, May 22, 2008

A beginning to blogging - A long time overdue

I have been meaning to start blogging for a long time now! I am hoping this is an easy way for me to let you all know how we are and what kind of trouble we are creating :)
August 2007

Our life together began August 31st

September - We took our honeymoon right after the wedding so it was the first week of September. We went to Peter Island BVI

The view from our "hut"

Another view from our deck
Our "Hut" on the top right side. The Marina

Jeff Wind Surfing

Me Trying to Surf - A actually did quite well - Jeff thought I should give it a try and off I went - I went a long way out :) but not to far.
A great way to spend a lazy afternoon

October - We had a wonderful Wedding Reception in LA

November - We worked at home on the weekends.

December - I went to LA to help Jesse and Jenni (my brother in-law and sister in-law) with Jordana and Josiah. Then we went to WA and OR for the holidays.

Beautiful Winter Sunsets - Seaside OR

February - Went to Brazos Bend State Park

Yep we have alligators here in Houston!!!

March - We went to LA - To see Jeff's family and celebrate birthdays. Jeff's first time to see his niece!!! We went to Disneyland, Venice Beach, Santa Monica, Downtown LA.

May -
Our Latest Adventure: Washington (Dad's 60th) and Hawaii - The Big Island

Our First Baseball Game of the Season:Our Friends sat somewhere on the balcony above the white sign :) Our View Nosebleed seats - proof we were on the VERY BACK ROW!

Last but Not Least: Our Home
Jeff's Project: Insulating the Garage

My Project: Flowers

Furniture Shopping:Furniture we didn't acquireFurniture we did purchase

Jeff "Thinking"

Well - You're all caught up :) Keep in touch.
Hugs from us to you!


MrsRitzB said...

Oh, I'm so glad you're doing this!!! Now our miles apart won't seem quite so far! :-) ~P&M Brown

Demon Cake said...

Ok, looks kinda interesting. Next time pet the alligator.

Demon Cake said...

Is the guy in the funny yellow hat spelunking or trying not to itch from insulation?

Unknown said...

I found you :-) It looks like I got some good pictures at Dad's party. Fun to see some of your life after the wedding :-) Good Job Babes!!!!