Wednesday, September 21, 2011

8 Months and Growing Fast!

As a first time Mom I am constantly in awe of other Mothers who seem to get so much accomplished. Some of my friends have a passel full of children, blog, home school, do lots of crafts, are on Facebook, work out, have social lives and make nummy dinners! Wow!! I am curious how it is all done when I am happy to get showered, do a load of laundry, play with baby, get a nap, run a few errands and make an occasional dinner. If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them!

Shahayla is growing so fast. She's 8 months and already wearing a lot of 12 month clothes! Jeff is wondering why I am shopping until he goes to put something on her and sees it is to small. :) He doesn't mind all the stuff I find at bargain rates. I should post some photos - I found some stuff - pants/shirts/hoodies recently at Children's Place for a whopping $2.49 each!!! I love having an outlet mall 10 minutes away!
Shahayla's recent accomplishments: Kissy noises and clapping. She is sooo close to crawling! She has two teeth and I think is working on #3.

Ut Oh...I got caught! ;)
Jeff has been super busy at work. We were fortunate enough to travel with him to San Diego/LA for some training and to see his family. We saw his parents, sister and her family (including newest nephew who was 4 weeks at the time), an uncle, Jamaican Gramma Verna, Meeting Friends and a Good Friend from college and his family. Since then Jeff has been to Alaska, Virginia and Illinois. He leaves again for Alaska soon. I miss him so much when he is gone. The days drag by :(. His office recently moved from a floor with a territorial view to a pond/fountain view. So this week he has been living out of a box at work. We saw his desk yesterday and it is the first time I have seen it messy :P

We have been working on a yard project. Maybe I'll get some before and during photos posted. ;)

Well - we haven't had any out of town company...or any company at all...So if you wanna come visit - give us a shout! I can't guarantee the house will be tidy but I'll make sure you have clean utensils and a clean bed! LOL!

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