Sunday, January 9, 2011

"Time is fun when you are having flies"

December has come and gone and I didn't even post once. I am trying to figure out how my friends are so diligent and creative with their blogs. If you have any suggestions let me know because it is only going to be more difficult once little Baby Spice has made her grand entrance!
During the month Jeff and I focused on "To Do Before Baby Arrives" projects. The list was daunting and still is. We found that every week we had to re-prioritize what was important and what wasn't as important. It seems that new projects are continually added and some of these get pushed to the front. Especially being first time parents we are realizing new things that should be done ahead of time! It has also helped us to remember our spiritual clocks as well!
We did take time to take a romantic venture to San Antonio River Walk. It was a wonderful relaxing weekend. We rode the boats through the canals, found ourselves at Starbucks several times and did a lot of reading. The walking was very good for me and it was such a cheerful place to do it.

We spent Christmas with our gooood friends Lambros and Dewi. Dewi's family was here from Holland and Lambros' Mom was here from Greece. It was such an enjoyable evening! The house was very festive and beautiful beyond words. The food was incredible and the company was fantastic!

New Years Eve we tried to decide if we should party like a couple w/out impending responsibilities or party like parents...LOL...We ended up hanging out at the house doing projects and then going to our good neighbors Chris and Allison's. We ate cheese and crackers and had a very nice evening chatting. I got a hug from Jeff at midnight as I was heading to bed! This ol' pregnant lady was pooped. :)

It is amazing to us that it is already the 10th of January and Baby Spice may be arriving at anytime! She isn't due until the 19th and the midwife thinks she could be several days late. I have my 39 week appointment tomorrow so we will see how things have progressed from last week. As of last week I was dilated to a 1 and 50% effaced...not that this means much; she will arrive when she is ready. :)

We have continued to enjoy all the holiday greetings, cards, photos and letters we received. Thank you!

I hope this post finds you safely through the Holidays and into a Happy New Year!

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Super couples.