Saturday, May 23, 2009

More News :)

If you haven't already heard, I have started working again. I had an interview Monday and started working 20 minutes after the interview started! I am amazed at locating "the perfect job" and it seems to good to be true. I am working for an appraisal management firm. It is sort of difficult to put into words what I do. The simplest explanation is that I am doing quality control. I look at appraisals and make sure they are complete. I look for warning flags. If there are issues I suggest a full review of the appraisal. Eventually I will also do full appraisals. I am currently working from home and intend to visit the office once a week. My commute will be 25 minutes down a $6 toll road. If I am off early enough I can come back the longer route that doesn't cost anything! The bad part is the office is located next to some FANTASTIC shopping!!!!
Hope all is well with you! Drop us a line!

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Joyce said...

Glad you got such a nice job! Shopping? Isn't that what a job is for? Hugs,