Saturday, March 14, 2009

More Lola News

When Jeff and I adopted Lola we were given a coupon for puppy training. It seemed one thing happened after another and we were finally able to start formal puppy training in February at Petsmart. Before we started puppy training we watched Cesar Milan "The Dog Whisperer". We are still reading his books and highly recommend him. When ever we sat down to watch Cesar, Lola would become entranced! She would watch the whole episode with us. The methods Cesar teaches work. "Headed to Class" - (no that isn't us - it's another couple from our class)
"I's Sooo Embarrassed"
Lola has her backpack on. Being a Catahoula means she is a "work" dog. Work dogs need jobs. When we walk she carries her backpack. In it is 2 pounds of sand, plastic bags, my phone and epi-pens.
Getting a treat
So far we have learned and continue working on: sit, stay, down, off, come, leave it, drop it, and say hello. She absolutely loves hide and seek. Of course I am always looking for a new place to hide!
We believe Lola has separation anxiety. She sleeps in her kennel and doesn't destroy anything but it is a different story during the day! After destroying a few beds I decided to make new covers for the old beds instead of buy new ones. It is actually cheaper to buy new beds than covers for the beds!
I am quite proud of this cover ;) It is my neighbors old flat sheet rescued from a trip to goodwill and a zipper I pulled out of one of the ruined dog bed covers.

Since she has been destroying stuff during the day only, we remove everything from her kennel but add several toys when we leave. This past Sunday I didn't take the blanket off the top of the kennel and this is what I came home to!Can you find her "Kong" and "Bone"?A shredded queen size blanket. Only a hundred or so pieces :)

Even though we have this to work through - She has learned everything quite quickly. She likes to follow us through-out the house and either lay by our toes or lick them.

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parose said...

Such a sweet face! I'm sure she has you and Jeff wrapped around her paw. Liked your post.