Saturday, November 8, 2008


We love to dress up on Halloween. This year we didn't. However, Lola did get dressed up! We had a few friends over. We had many laughs and lots of finger foods!
Kasia, Jeff and Trey (left to right)
Patty, Traci, Kayleen, Andy
Chet, Mike, Andy, Patty
Patty and Traci
Patty and Andy
The group of us minus the children and Lola

We were surprised but Lola did very well with all the company and the door bell ringing; trick-or-treaters. She loved running to the door and helping me hand out candy. She would lay down while the kids got their candy out of the bowl. Then the kids would get a lick if they got close enough. The kids loved her too! Some even caught on that she was suppose to be a ghost.

After Halloween we found Lola a real costume for next year! Here she is trying it on :)


parose said...

We had such a great time! Thanks for including us.

Phyllis said...

Hi I like looking at your blog. I think Lola and Jasmine would like to be friends. I have a Bichon and she loves to have friends. She is spoiled rotten though. Right now she is mad at me because I didn't buy any carrots for her snack time. I'm glad you are good friends with Patty and Andy. They really enjoy you. Love, Phyllis