Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Snuggle Buddy

Our little Lola is adjusting quite well! We are still training her and she is picking some stuff up faster than others. For instance: She knows to sit when I have a treat in my hand...or when she hears the rattle of a plastic bag. I use a plastic zip lock bag for her treats when we are walking.
We are training her to go in her crate when we say, "Go to Bed". She isn't super fond of it but getting better. We found out she prefers sleeping in a bed!
She was more than happy to snuggle with me when I wasn't feeling good. It took Jeff picking her up to get her to go to her own bed! She wouldn't go with him when he called.
Sorry Lola. I like a clean bed; one without Dog Hair!!

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parose said...

Cute "snuggle buddy".

You've been tagged...see my blog for more info on what to do. This is totally voluntary, but it is fun to see what others write.