Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cal Maritime '98 Class Reunion

The weekend of October 10th Jeff and I flew to San Francisco for his 10 year college reunion at Cal Maritime Academy in Vallejo CA. Thursday night we flew in late. I had gotten a steal of a deal on Hotwire for a 4 star hotel by the airport.
The EntranceChandeliers Orchids
Our Room - After a long day.
FRIDAY: We decided to hang out down town San Francisco.This clock tower is on the wharf. I have been fascinated since our trip to NY with clocks. I couldn't get the whole tower or the details in one photo. Even two photos doesn't do it justice!

Is this the worlds largest bow and arrow?
Alcatraz from the parking garage.
My husband who keeps me laughing. {This is what happens when I take to long to snap a photo :) } We stopped at a shop. A nice sales man showed us some blocked off rooms. He showed us this piece carved out lots of little pieces of bone (or was that something else??). Its cost? Close to a million!!!
A close up of the details.A spendy chandelier.
Outside the shop. Me and the monkeys.
I have also fallen in love with Palm Trees. I didn't know that they changed colors.
Down on the piers.
The famous occupants of Pier 39.
While we were down on the waterfront we were treated to a sneak peak of the airshow. It was their practice run. So - we got to see the airshow minus the crowds.
Downtown San Francisco.
Trans America tower
SATURDAY: The Reunion
The returning alumni were challenged to a tug-of-war with the current student body. The Alumni won.This is the school ship. Jeff has sailed on it at least twice. He even taught on it a couple of years ago! Class of 1998 The only ones to show up out of his class of 50.
Class of '98 and families.
Touring the ship with his classmates.
Looking at Cal Maritime from the training ship.
Jeff with the bridge in the background.
Looking toward my cousin Therin's place in Crockett. We stayed with him Friday and Saturday night. It was a blast to spend time with him and Tami. Especially since we would be at their wedding just two weeks later!
Sunday: We were fortunate to get to the morning of Sebastapol Special Meeting. Then we headed the scenic route back to the airport.

The scenic route took about an hour and a half longer than we had expected. We almost didn't make our flight!!
The San Francisco Bridge.

Alcatraz - The boats are in the harbor for the airshow.
Downtown San Francisco
We made our flight with just 15 minutes to spare. A little to close for my comfort!
BTW - Did you know that they intentionally overbook their flights out of SFO? So we wouldn't have been able to leave till Tuesday morning (12:30AM) if we had missed our flight!!!!!!

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