Monday, September 15, 2008

We are Fortunate

We have survived our first official hurricane - IKE. To be honest it was uneventful for the two of us. Jeff and I decided to go to bed Saturday morning at 2:30AM. From what we have been told our electricity went out at 4AM and it got very windy. We slept like babies till 9:45AM!
We had so much extra food!
We didn't go hungry! The "Hunker Bunker": we slept like babies in our master bedroom closet! It is the most sheltered room in the house and we didn't even hear the wind.
Saturday afternoon we went for a walk. The only damage we could find in our neighborhood was this sign and blown over trees!Sign of wildlife after the storm - It makes me wonder where they went to survive the wind and driving rain.
Saturday we received power about noon. Since so many of our friends were without electricity and water we invited them to come join us. It was hot and muggy. We felt fortunate to have A/C. Jeff's co-worker Lambros and his wife Dewi and parents (visiting from Greece) came for dinner. We were also joined by Brendan and Karla - Of course I didn't even think to take pictures. :(
Sunday morning we had meeting and then Brendan and Karla spent the day with us. Last night it was beautiful out. 70's and not muggy - I am sure those with out electricity were thankful!
We have not heard of any deaths of any of our friends. We did hear one family in South Houston lost their roof. Overall - We all were VERY fortunate.


Marla said...

Glad to hear you were ok.....and very prepared! Can I come for dinner?

K & K said...

I love storms! But the damaging hurricanes...we get strong enough ones here on the west coast! So glad you're both alright! Love the pics! :) K&K

3boys'mom said...

Glad you made it thru the storm safely!