Monday, September 29, 2008

The Night that Began and Ended with Dogs

Thursday (the 25th) night about 8:30 I decided to take Lola out for a walk and drop off a birthday gift at a neighbors. As Lola and I approached the friends we were greeted by a wild ball of fur: Ceci - our neighbors little puppy. I noticed our neighbors were gone - presumably to celebrate Melissa's birthday. I tied Lola up and took Ceci to Chris and Allison's (another neighbor). I knew their Daisy (for photos see earlier post) plays with Ceci and they had a little kennel to keep Ceci safe in. Once Ceci was safe - Lola and I resumed our walk. She did her business and I cleaned up after her. In the process I was bit 9 times by fire ants. Mind you, it was dark and I couldn't see where I was stepping. Lola and I walked back to the house. I was getting itchy so I asked Allison for some Benadryl and went home to take a soda bath. Within 10 minutes I was so covered in hives I began to panic and started yelling for Jeff. We quickly discussed taking another benadryl when I realized my hives were rapidly becoming one and that my ears were swelling shut - or it felt that way. We decided on the ER room. My sweet husband safely disobeyed a few traffic lights and it is a good thing he did! I went into acute anaphylactic shock. - We arrived at the ER room just in time. I didn't quit breathing but I was having a very hard time. For those of you who haven't been bit by a fire ant - here is a photo. If you look VERY closely you will find 9 bites. The two smallest bites are very close to larger ones. I have been told that American Indians used fire ants to torture enemies. They wouldn't have had much fun with me!

All is well now. I have been on Prednisone for a few days and have a few more days to go. Fortunately I don't see any side affects. I do have to see a specialist per the ER doctors recommendations and carry an Epi-pen with me all the time.

The title of this blog says that the night began and ended with Dogs. Well, when we got home at 3AM a different neighbors dog was loose. Jeff had to chase him down and put him in their backyard. What a night - It began and ended with Dogs!

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parose said...

Oh my word! I'm just catching up on reading blogs. I'm so sorry to hear about your fire ant incident, but I'm happy to know that you are okay now. What a terrible experience! Those fire ants are awful!