Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4th of July Weekend Getaway! Part 1

Several people have told us about Destin, FL knowing we love pretty beaches and clear water. A couple weeks ago we realized Jeff had Thursday and Friday off so decided we should take a road trip. Murray, Gina and Blake were game to go with. We all piled in the Highlander and hit the road. Here are a few photos from our drive. The first night we stayed in New Orleans

We drove over miles of bridge. Beneath were murky waters. Parts were labeled as lakes others as swamp. I couldn't tell the difference!! There were plenty of fisherman - we think their fish finders set off our radar detector. ;)

Nice sunset

After we checked into our hotel we took a walk.

Check out the moss growing on the wall.

We couldn't pass up the famous Cafe' Du Monde for cafe' and beignets!

After beignets we took in some history.

Our History Guide (Paul) and a pleasant dispositioned Mule (Firefly) his "partner"

A great way to spend a warm evening. Probably low 80's at 11PM!

On the road again - stopped for a fuel up.

Our Men fueling up.

We had fun trying to get a hold of a cargo carrier - a very popular item here in TX and a holiday weekend immanent. We were thankful for it with 5 of us inside the highlander.

One of the infamous Myrtle Crape trees I love so much

Typical New Orleans architecture. One of 5 (?) styles found here.

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